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Go + Angular based smart mirror platform - packaged as single docker image.

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Registry Image
Docker Hub pascaliske/magicmirror

The following platforms are available for the images:

$ docker run --rm mplatform/mquery
Image: pascaliske/magicmirror:latest
 * Manifest List: Yes
 * Supported platforms:
   - linux/amd64
   - linux/arm/v7
   - linux/arm64


Visit the documentation for a complete setup guide.

To run a quick demo, you can just pull the image from one of the registries:

# github container registry
$ docker pull

# docker hub
$ docker pull pascaliske/magicmirror

Now you can simply run the server component using the following command:

$ docker run \
    --detach \
    --name magicmirror \
    --publish 9000:9000 \
    --volume $(pwd)/config.yml:/etc/magicmirror/config.yml \


The project is configurable using a YAML file. You can find all possible values on the configuration page.


MIT – © 2023 Pascal Iske